Personal and Team Models


Personal and Team Service Models

• Personal Service Model for printing (v1.1.8)

• Team Service Model for printing (v1.1.8)

Personal Business Model Canvases

24" x 36" version for printing (v1.2.4)

• A1-size version for printing (v1.2.4)

• Editable Personal Business Model Canvas created in PowerPoint by Ulrich Reckert


Other languages

Traditional Chinese version by Shih-Yung Chuang

• Arabic interpretation by Ziyad AL-saleh.

• Dutch PDF version.

• Japanese beta version

• German interpretation by Forum stalwart Thorsten Faltings.

Turkish interpretation by Tufan Karaca.

• Portuguese interpretation by Cassiano Farani

• Portuguese interpretation by Gustavo Marques Couto.

• Spanish interpretation by Samuel A Villegas

• Italian version

• French interpretation by Ioanna Matsouli


Please honor the terms of the Creative Commons license under which we all use the Business Model Canvas by being sure to include the URL on all versions of Canvas. And please add the URL to any Personal Business Model Canvases you use or share.